The Root Chakra Rose Cinnamon Sage Smudge Stick

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Part of the new Chakra Collection our Root Chakra Smudge Stick with Cinnamon will help you to ground energy and clear out negative energy.

All our sage smudge sticks are handmade using pure and blessed ingredients sourced from local farmers, and are delicately wrapped with hemp cord.

Approx. 6 inches

Sage - let go of stagnant/ negative energy. Clears air of  bacteria, improves mood, strengthens intuition, memory. And also keeps bugs away
Cinnamon - helps create a grounding energy,helps clear out negative energy.
Rosemary - clears negative energy,helps one to relax, calms the mind, promote confidence,invigorates the mind. 
Red Rose - replenish positive energy.
Hemp cord - protects your bundle.

During checkout, please feel free to share your intention for your wand, so we can personalise it for you.