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#Smudgelife Soul Sisters Bracelet


Regular price $14.95
#Smudgelife Soul Sisters Bracelet

Would you like to help support the #SMUDGELIFE community as a Soul Sister member?

Grab yourself an adjustable #SMUDGELIFE Bracelet to wear anytime with any outfit.

Handmade by Tara with silver block letter charms to dress up any outfit and black cord hemp cord to keep things light weight and natural.

A Note from Tara:
I love being a part of a community and i love bracelets. You will often see me wearing all kinds of bracelets each day. This is one of my favorites because its a fun conversation starter amongst my friends and new people i've never met. They like to ask “where did you get that?” Or “ what is smudge life?” it helps open the conversation to explain what it is or why i like it. I love to help others fall in love with themselves again.

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