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Rose Flower Sage Smudge Stick


Regular price $26.95
Rose Flower Sage Smudge Stick

Need something a little more? Have a larger area you want to smudge? Like an outdoor area or large space? Or perhaps you want to add it to the bonfire ? This larger Smudge sticks are great for larger spaces.

A note from Tara:

I recommend this for outside spaces as it is larger and thicker than the mini size and may set off your fire alarm if used indoors. These are my favorite to add for bonfires. I love using them for decoration until i use it in my bonfires. The three roses for me symbolize past present and future. Letting go and renew, replenish with good vibes.

You will receive One (1) Premium Rose Smudge Stick measuring approximately 7 to 9 inches long with 3 to 4 Roses.

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