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DIY Smudge Stick Kit


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DIY Smudge Stick Kit

Would you like to create Smudge Sticks that are more intentional and meaningful? Are you the DIY type of person that likes to create things and do it yourself?

Not sure where to go get your items? You can get all the supplies you need to make your own smudge stick.

Get those creative juices flowing and create your own beautiful smudge stick. ( colors of flowers may vary)

This DIY Smudge Stick Starter Kit is perfect for you if you want a convenient, easy and fool proof method you can use to feel happier by creating your own Smudge Stick even if you don't know how...

A Note from Tara:
This kit means a lot to me as it is related to what started my smudging journey. I was looking for something new to help me with a recent death of my fiance when i came upon smudge sticks. I asked about them more and did some light research. A year later i decided i wanted to make my own. Then i had seen some with other herbs and flowers so i decided to make my own version of them. I loved the process and the outcome so much i felt that others may enjoy it as well.

Hence the name “The Smudge Project” i hope that you get as much enjoyment out of the kit as i do. With the string, herbs, flowers all included into your kit. Seeing the end result from what your creative mind and hands can create is priceless.

Your DIY Smudge Stick Kit includes:

  • A unique seasonal bouquet of herbs and flowers to make your own handmade Smudge Stick.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions so you can make your own handmade Smudge Sticks

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