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#SMUDGELIFE Blooming Lotus Soul Sister Necklace


Regular price $14.95
#SMUDGELIFE Blooming Lotus Soul Sister Necklace

This handmade necklace helps serve as a small reminder that each moment, minute, or day is a new start. A new beginning. That no matter what, we can always rise above the muck we might be trying to get out of.

A special note from Tara:
This Blooming Lotus Necklace is special to me because when i was creating it i wanted to start a new chapter and was looking for something simple i could make as a reminder that no matter what i'm going through … i can always start a new moment, minute by minute, day by day.

By appreciating the new beginnings, taking my time with myself and others, not taking others for granted because we never know how much time we really do or don't have here. 

I love wearing my necklace as a way to help me keep going. No matter what happens in the day. To feel the feels and let it go and keep growing. Moving forward. 

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