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Abalone Shell Smudging Vessel


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Abalone Shell Smudging Vessel

Need something to use with your smudge sticks to keep the ashes from falling onto the floor? One of the most popular ways people use is the popular abalone shell. With its beautiful inner side to showcase its beauty from inside out. Use this to help catch the ash from the smudge stick as you smudge.

When you include Abalone Shells in your smudging ritual it means you are incorporating all four of the Earth's elements:

  • The shell represents water;
  • the smoke represents air;
  • The unlit smudge stick represent earth;
  • And once they’re lit they represent fire.  

By incorporating the elements into your smudging ritual, you’re inviting Mother Earth to be the focus of your ritual.

A Note from Tara:
I just love its colors, and i love how its rough on the outside and beautiful on the inside . for me it's another daily reminder that even on days i feel “rough” that its the beauty inside myself that matters more