About Tara Flaskerud

I love creating and teaching people create beautiful Smudge Sticks. 
If you really want to make your own smudge sticks to feel happier, and clear negative energy in your life then I can definitely help you. 
I earned an Associate of Science Degree in Integrative Health for Healing. 
I have worked in a spiritual meta-physical store called The White Buffalo as a Spiritual Coach for 2 years in addition to teaching many customers, who I now call my friends, how to make Smudge Sticks in my Workshops. 
When you want a convenient way to create your own beautiful Smudge Sticks that have more meaning because you made it yourself, instead of buying the pre-made ones… The Smudge Project can help you with our DIY Smudge Stick Kits. 
By now you probably realise we have everything you need to help you make your own hand made Smudge Sticks which will most effectively help you feel happier and clear the negative energy in your life.